What we did: 

Leitrim County Council

Raising citizen awareness and promoting positive behavioural change through various digital and traditional advertising and communication channels

The Challenge

We the People was contracted by Leitrim County Council for digital PR and marketing services for a behaviour change campaign. We worked with Leitrim County Council’s Environmental Department as part of their Litter Management Plan (2022-23) to drive an anti-littering/dumping integrated marketing campaign.Our campaign objectives were to coordinate citizen awareness of anti-littering/dumping campaigns in Leitrim, and to stimulate positive behavioural change amongst our target audiences. Our strategic approach reached this audience through digital advertising, digital & traditional PR and out-of-home advertising. The success of this campaign hinged on ensuring we maintained excellent working relationships with our clients in Leitrim County Council, maintaining the highest standards of stakeholder engagement and management and stakeholder communications.

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The Approach

The ‘Nobody Wants To See Your Junk’ campaign  used humour to appeal to our target audience of young men, as we aimed to connect the dots between action and effect with the group. The ‘Nobody Wants To See Your Junk’ is a digital marketing and influence campaign, situated primarily on TikTok. We were first approached by Leitrim County Council to deliver a marketing campaign. However, we expanded our campaign to include PR and influencer services.  WTP worked with the Environmental Officers at Leitrim County Council to develop a marketing strategy for the campaign. Our strategic approach for digital promotion coalesces around TikTok/social media influencer content and both digital and traditional PR coverage. 


WTP partnered with high-reach TikTok influencers, working with them to develop bespoke content for the campaign. Tapping into the TikTok influencer market, a first for Leitrim County Council, ensured we were reaching our primary audience where they are. WTP worked with one of the top Irish TikTok content creators, Seamus Lehane, who has a combined following of 257K people (TikTok/Instagram). We also worked with local, up-and-coming content creator, Ralph McKeown who has incredible popularity with the teen-market in the county. McKeown has 1.8 million culminated likes, with a following of 28 thousand on TikTok. To support the digital marketing side of the ‘Nobody Wants To See Your Junk’ campaign, WTP also bought washroom sites across County Leitrim.  For the out-of-home advertising campaign, we created an eye-catching, modern advertisement which would stimulate organic sharing on social media amongst the target audience. 

The Results

The campaign has had an impactful response online, with over 46.2K views on TikTok alone.

There were many positive reactions and interactions with the posts, primarily from people living in Leitrim. WTP worked with our supplier to create 80 bespoke panels in Leitrim’s popular bars and restaurants providing a highly functional and cost effective way of reaching a target audience of young men. WTP crafted and distributed a press-note that highlighted Leitrim County Council’s modern, punchy campaign, drawing particular attention to the success of the influencer campaign. We were able to target key media outlets in the county to drive additional PR coverage and expand the reach for the campaign with coverage from outlets including the Leitrim Observer and Shannonside FM.

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@xdralph Are you proud of your club? #NobodyWantsToSeeYourJunk #LoveWhereYouLive - a message from Leitrim County Council #ad ♬ Massive - Drake